Saturday, June 12, 2010


SUP YALL!... i dont do too much of this personal bloggin stuff..but i did do one in the begging of the year!... a lot has happened since then...not too much that im proud of but, aye u gotta take life as it comes at u... i've learned that much!....this year an last year i would say has been a time of yet still im finding new lessons and analyzing and learning new sometimes i go to the extent of playing the fool to catch the truth in some things very secretly lol... in art.. i been working my normal pace..its gotten easier to do the pictures i been doin lately, so i just started puttin out more..."if u never try somthin new u will never grow" im using more backgrounds in my art now....i have also been working on a couple quiet projects that im not boasting about all over the net....i've finished my first childrens book and it looks cool....i really got better at the end of the book so the next one and the other ones i have planned for this year is gonna look 10 times better...i ran into a ton of problems tho with the printing...but im solving that... about the comic con... i was supposed to be goin with a couple of pals an we sell the books we where working on but..the printing prob happend an now!..we have the tables and the promotional stuff but no product...can u say lack of good planning!!..i learned that lesson hard...but aye u live an learn..we are still goin to the con next week..but just to sope the compotish and plan a better way to go in..
im still feeling confused on what i want outta life.... so for the rest of this year ima be trying a ton of new outlets to make money from other than even rapping now...well thats all ima say for now...just keeping u guys up on what ol terry is up too.. next time i do another message i hope to have some great great great news to spill!!..ima just keep workin an hoping for the best!

later yall!!

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