Monday, March 22, 2010

A Message from Terry

Sup guys!... ish ya boy terry!
ok ill start by just saying i wanna thank EVERYBODY! who has been supportin me man... you guys soooo rock!!... i got some real cool stuff comming this year for u guys... im just trying to fix a couple things with my life but everything seems to be fallin in just wish me luck!..

this years gonna be real busy... im not sure yet but i might be hitting my first comic con with a couple projects.. an if i make it to that comic con...IM HITTIN IT HARD MY FIRST TIME IN!... just keep an eye out guys...

maybe oneday my simple style an my drive can take me too very high places...yep thas the goal lol... well..

thanks for the support again remember i do this for u guys... my dream is to entertain... so if u guys need anything just request IT!

much love yall!

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