Friday, June 19, 2009

The History of a charger ( the history of charger life!)

Before charger life i made tons of comics because my dream was always to be a great cartoonist and still is. but for a while i went off track, well at least for a year or two. i was never a popular kid in high school so i joined the wrestling team hoping to get some kind of shine for once in my life. after a while of training i became a great wrestler and people respected me for
once, i never stopped drawing but i was real good at this wrestling thing. i was slowly forgetting my art.. till i ran into a big health problem. when i got the news i was devastated, the doctor even told i could not wrestle anymore. i wanted to kill my self, but somthing told me no and thats when i rememberd my art! my real reason for living. Thats when i said to myself im going to make a comic for the school news paper, and if this did not work i would have no reason to live. so i went to my art teacher an took a chance. i dont kno why but
he was happy to hear someone wanted to do a comic, guess they haven't had a comic in a long time, or maybe ever, who knows lol.
well he said yes and my
life lit up, he only gave a few minor rules, nothin offensive and no cursing. so now i
had to come up with a comic to not only wow my teacher but make the school love it. the spot light was on me and i had to shine, i felt my life depended on it. so like always i went to my next class an started sketching like crazy ( i never really payed attention in class) lucky for me i ben making comics for a while testing what makes my family get a lil giggle hear and there, plus im kind of a creative dude, so i threw together a couple comic ideas through out the whole day. at the end of school i came to him with 4 comic ideas. he loved all of them, so now i had him on my side. he said this is going to be great, all i had to do now is go home an do it! he gave me 2 weeks.

I DID IT IN A COUPLE DAYS ! And he loved the way it came out. so now it was in
and i had to wait till it released, this was the longest wait of my life, it was like waiting for Christmas or my birthday!, lol it was crazy.
but a couple of days before it came out my teacher came to me with the format of how the comic would look on the actual news paper.

After i saw that, i was too happy i asked him if i could have it. this was my first ever printed comic this was big for me. After a while of waiting it came out!! this was a huge day for me an people loved the comic i was too happy and i felt like i had a reason for living again, right then i knew this is what i was realy ment to do.

It's been about a year since it first came out .and lately i have been working to bring it back better than ever so keep a eye open for it cause spoon is back baby!!

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